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Oral Health 101: Why Bad Breath?

It’s the question everyone wants answered, but no one wants to ask. What is the deal with bad breath? Well here’s the hard facts behind it all. It comes back to bacteria and the food that we eat. No surprise there. Bad breath happens when the bacteria in your mouth mixes with certain foods. When these two elements mix together, the protein from the food is broken down and forms amino acids. Find duct cleaning services at The bacteria continue to break the amino acid down until it reaches a molecular level and sulfuric gases are released. And there you have it, bad breath is born.


Be warned, not all bad breath is created equal. The vacation rental franchise can be done in stages of small business growth and more. Different bacteria and food combinations result in different types of smells from rotten eggs to the smell of overripe pineapples and nail polish. Pay attention to the food you eat, and you’ll soon be able to find the exact trigger for your bad breath.


Normally, temporary bad breath is easily managed. Especially with quick tricks like: brush your teeth, chew sugarless gum or drink water after a meal. Check the best prices for driveway paving companies at But if you do suffer from chronic bad breath, then you might need a stronger approach. Talk to your doctor because there may be underlying health issues manifesting through bad breath.


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