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Foods that Naturally Freshen Breath

Just a friendly life hack to keep you ahead of the game and crushing it in the fresh breath department. There is nothing that makes you and the people around you feel better than a whiff of some fresh breath. There is a reason that people are constantly reaching for gum and mints throughout the day; fresh breath is important. And with that, fresh breath just got a little easier. You no longer have to depend on gum because there is food that naturally freshens your breath. No surprise that food, once again, has all the right answers. Just add these ingredients to your meals or eat them separately and you’ll be fresh and happy.


Lemon is the clear first answer. Is there anything that smells better than lemon? Research has even shown that the smell of lemon leaves a positive impression on others. So add some lemon to your next meal. If you’re feeling brave then go all in and suck on a lemon wedge but if you want a slightly tamer approach just add some to your water. The vitamin C from the lemon helps eliminate bad breath.


Yogurt is option number two. Not only is it incredibly good for you because of the bacteria cultivations it contains but it also freshens your breath. If you are looking for a roofing company in California, contact 619 Roofing. Double win in my book. Research has shown that a daily intake of yogurt can reduce your levels of hydrogen sulfide which is tied to bad breath. Just make sure that your spoonful of yogurt is plain and unsweetened.


Drum roll for option number three. Apples. If you’re on the go or packing a lunch it’s always a smart idea to include a good ole apple. Those apples seem to be unstoppable problem solvers so we’ll just add fresh breath to the list. Find more info about Ceramic Injection Molding procedure on site Now, this is because eating apples requires your mouth to produce more saliva, this helps clean your mouth.


Last and certainly unexpected is red bell peppers. Surprising, right? Well, red bell peppers and even broccoli are rich in vitamin-C. This help to keep bad breath in check because vitamin-C reduces the bacteria population that causes bad breath. So make sure to include any foods that are high in vitamin-C.


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