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Nano Silver ™

What is Nano Silver Technology?

Dental care is an important part of overall health. Good oral hygiene helps to prevent cavities, gum disease, and other dental problems. Nano silver is a new technology that can be used in dental care to improve oral hygiene and protect against tooth decay and gum disease.

You may have heard of colloidal silver mouth rinse or know someone who uses colloidal silver for their teeth, so let’s go over the differences between Nano Silver and colloidal silver for teeth to better understand why our Nano Silver technology and Elementa mouthwash are so revolutionary.

Surfaces of the teeth

Nano Silver vs. Colloidal Silver

Think bullets that kill werewolves, quarters, and second-place medals. Okay, now think of those things shrunken down into tiny nanoparticles and suspended in fluid. Bam, now you know what Nano Silver is! Now the question you probably have is: “Ok, but how is Nano Silver any different from that weird colloidal silver that my grandma drinks?”.

Glad you asked. What makes our Nano Silver technology so unique is that it’s made with plant compounds and the nanoparticles in our Nano Silver solution are more consistent and smaller in size compared to traditional colloidal silver products.

The size of most “colloidal” silver products for teeth usually varies drastically in their particle makeup because of the old, archaic, and non-biocompatible ways that they’re created. One of these dated methods includes putting silver wire in fluid and pumping electricity through it, forcing inconsistently sized particles of silver to break off into the solution. When varied-sized particles coexist in a single solution it provides inconsistent and lackluster results, which is why it’s important to not confuse “Colloidal Silver” with Nano Silver.

Nano Silver Natural Mouthwash is… Gold?

There are a surprising number of products out there that claim to have Nano Silver in them. Some are blue others can also be gray in color but the color you need to look for is… gold? Yes, gold. True Nano Silver absorbs light (specifically blue light) in the range of 400-420 nanometers. This is why they appear yellow-orange or honey gold in color. If you see a solution that does not look like this, it is most likely ionic silver or silver which is so small that it no longer reflects light in this range. In order for a Nano Silver solution to be effective, it has to be the right size, so in the case of Nano Silver natural mouthwash, color does matter.

image of splashing gold liquid of nano silver mouth rinse

So Why Should You Use Nano Silver on Your Teeth?

Our Nano Silver technology isn’t just a new fad or a repackaged version of the same old oral hygiene products that we’ve been using for centuries. Nano Silver is a much needed revolution in oral healthcare that actually helps you fight cavities and bad breath.

Our Nano Silver solution utilizes cutting edge plant-based nanotechnology. It is designed to immediately neutralize all oral acid in your mouth while killing acid-causing bacteria and is more effective at penetrating the biofilm than alcohol. Elementa currently offers Nano Silver Mouth Rinse, Tooth Gel, Kids Mouth Rinse, Lip Balm, and Full Routine Bundles.

For more information on Nano Silver, watch this video that discusses the benefits of Nano Silver oral products.

Our Nano Silver Products

Our Nano Silver technology is designed to keep your mouth healthy and clean by cleaning deeper than traditional products to kill bacteria and bad breath. If you are looking for oral care products that are guaranteed to work check out our selection of Nano Silver products below.