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Elementa Silver Oral Care Products

Holistic Mouth Rinse and Dental Care Products Formulated to Neutralize Oral Acid and Provide Immediate Relief for Dry Mouth Symptoms.

Good dental hygiene is a lifelong commitment that takes dedication and diligence when it comes to your everyday habits. It’s important to take any steps you can to take care of your mouth and prevent problems such as bad breath, cavities, tooth decay and gum disease. These issues could lead to more serious problems for your health later on, like an increased risk of heart disease and further complications when dealing with diabetes and oral cancer. This requires getting the right dental care products and adherence to the continuation of your oral care.

See how our products can revolutionize the way you care for your mouth.

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How Elementa Silver Can Help Protect Your Mouth:

Nano Silver Adult Mouth Rinse 20 oz

Our alcohol-free mouthwash uses mountain spring water, plant extracts, Xylitol and our patent-pending Nano Silver to create a natural solution for your oral problems. Our Adult Mouth Rinse with Nano Silver technology is the best mouthwash for your bad breath.

Nano Silver Adult Mouth Rinse 40 oz Refill Pack

When you run out, there’s no need to throw your container away. Not when you can save money and help out the environment with the 40oz Rinse Refill pack for our alcohol-free antiseptic mouthwash. The best mouthwash for bad breath just got better. Cure your dry mouth and bad breath today!

Nano Silver Adult Mouth Rinse 3 oz Travel Size

The best mouthwash for bad breath, now on the go! Take care of your dental health even when you’re traveling with our convenient 3-oz travel size alcohol-free mouth rinse with xylitol and Nano Silver technology. Perfect for your next trip.

Tooth Gels


Take care of your teeth with our Nano Silver Tooth Gel that effectively works its way around your teeth and gums without harming your natural enamel coating and good oral bacteria. Take care of your teeth and tackle bad breath at the same time.


Sugar-Free Dental Mints


Pop a sugar-free mint in your mouth whenever you need to freshen your breath, neutralize oral acid, and soothe dry mouth with these guilt-free, zero carb mints! Keep your mouth feeling fresh and healthy with our sugar-free xylitol mints for all-day protection.

Lip Balms


Our lip balm gently works its magic on your lips and gets rid of bad bacteria that causes foul breath. Best for keeping your lips soft and moisturized for the entire day without the sticky feeling that other lip balms give.


Kids Mouth Rinse


Brushing and flossing is great when it comes to preventing tooth decay and gum disease, but have you considered adding mouth rinse to your child’s oral hygiene routine? Keep your kid’s mouth clean and healthy with our all natural, fluoride-free mouth rinse for kids with xylitol and Nano Silver technology.

Pet Dental Drops


Our Natural Pet Drops for Dental & Immune support are a dentist formulated oral solution optimized to deliver the best possible oral hygiene for your pets. This is the perfect all-in-one solution for total pet dental care!

Ingredients You'll Love

Why just 5 ingredients:

We make cutting edge products that do not contain unnecessary ingredients or features for the sake of appearing as a cure-all. Our products are the best in the entire oral hygiene industry because we focus on results and not trivial ingredient fads.

Learn More About Elementa Silver Oral Products

Made and packaged in the USA, our dental care products are made with 5 main optimized ingredients – Nano Silver, Calcium, Xylitol, Water, and Natural Flavoring, all of which come together to provide the perfect no-frills solution that’s bereft of unnecessary fad additions for your oral hygiene. 

All our products, from our dry mouth oral rinse to our nano silver lip balms, are safe, natural, non-GMO and vegan-friendly. 100% cruelty-free, none of our products are used on animals in testing. No parabens, fluorides, dyes or harsh chemical detergents are part of any of our products.