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Oral Issues Not Being Addressed

Our Founders Story

full sized image of the founders of Elementa Silver at a convention

Every single day we as dentists assist multiple patients who, despite their best efforts, cannot brush, floss and rinse enough to prevent their chronic cavities. This was hard for us because we legitimately want to help our patients but when there is nothing on the market that will help their problems, it’s defeating. Out of frustration, we came together as a team to create an actual solution to oral issues not being addressed at all by current products on the market (low pH levels, unhealthy biofilm, hard to kill bacteria).

Our search for a change began in cutting-edge nanotechnology that has proven to be extremely effective in many other medical fields and what we discovered has changed the entire landscape of preventative oral products. Using nanoparticles of silver (a natural antibacterial that’s been used for centuries) in oral products drastically increases a solutions ability to deliver crucial ingredients like calcium and Xylitol to the tooth. On top of that, a carefully designed nano silver solution also has the unique ability to neutralize oral acids and reset the biofilm (plaque) environment in a healthy way. As a result of these findings, we founded Elementa, Revolutionary Oral Care, to share our breakthrough with the world.

We live in a time where our modern diets are making it nearly impossible for traditional dental breakthroughs like fluoride to keep our oral health strong. This is why over 92% of American adults suffer from some kind of tooth decay. Now is the time to make the change in what you’re putting in your mouth to something that actually works.


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