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Elementa Silver
Revolutionary Oral Care

Sugar Doesn't Cause Cavities

THE ACID ISSUE – A History of Misinformation

World's Best Oral Care

• Kills Bad Bacteria

• SLS Free

• Alcohol Free

• Neutralizes Oral Acid

• Non Burning

• Fluoride Free

• Whitens Teeth

• Soothes Dry Mouth

Elementa Silver provides the best oral care and advanced dental solutions through the use of nano sIlver and unique oral hygiene routines. Our products provide natural dental solutions that are non-burning, fluoride free, and neutralize oral acid. 

What is Nano Silver? We use Nano Silver in our tooth remineralization gels, alcohol-free & natural mouthwash, and full routine dental bundles. Our products are fluoride free and contain xylitol for teeth, supporting gum health. 

Visit our blog, where we explore topics such as the benefits of xylitol on teeth, and provide more information on oral hygiene routines. You can also visit our shop page, or view our product categories below with detailed information on their ingredients and use in dental treatment. 


Ingredients you'll love

image of chemical compound showing makeup of nano silver

Nano Silver

small icon drawing of cartoon tooth


small icon drawing depicting xylitol


small icon drawing of a leaf for natural flavor

Natural Flavor

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Why just 5 ingredients?

We make cutting edge products that do not contain unnecessary ingredients or features for the sake of appearing as a cure-all. Our products are the best in the entire oral hygiene industry because we focus on results and not trivial ingredient fads.

See where your current product lands on the pH scale

image of pH scale range from 1-10 comparing acidity of different products to nano silver dental products

Holiday Bundles

    Choose Your Routine

    Wintermint rinse bottle, Gel bundle tub, and peppermint dental mints, with mint colored labeling on white background.


    4oz Wintermint Toothgel Multi packs


    20oz Nano Silver Kids Mouth Rinse Bubble Gum


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    Dentist Formulated

    We are Dentists. We engineered this formula because we were tired of telling patients to brush more and enjoy sugar less, even though those things weren’t solving the issues. Our revolutionary BFP NanoTech is changing the way dentists have looked at dental products for the last 100 years.