Dental Mints

Neutralize Oral Acid and Freshen Your Breath
with Dental Mints

Comes in Peppermint, Cinnamon Clove, and Fruit Mashup flavors.

3 – 60ct Dental Mints 

MSRP $ 20.99

3 – 60ct Dental Mints 

MSRP $ 20.99

3 – 60ct Dental Mints 

MSRP $ 20.99

What makes this product revolutionary.

All Day Protection for Your Mouth

Protect your mouth all day long with Elementa’s Dental Mints for dental cleaning. These dentist formulated mints keep your oral PH higher at alkaline levels between brushing, while also being effective breath mints to keep your breath date-ready! Our dental care products are completely sugar-free, non-GMO, gluten-free, and vegan-friendly making them a completely guilt-free treat that will make your mouth feeling fresh and healthy. Our dentist formulated mints are some of the best breath mints and are totally guilt-free and easy-to-eat to ensure that your mouth is in its best condition and free of any bad tastes in the mouth between bouts of brushing. Maintaining your oral health has never been this easy or this tasty!

Oral Care Products Made With Premium Ingredients

Created with 5 main premium ingredients and designed to deliver the best non-invasive dental cleaning for oral hygiene, Elementa Dental Mints actively cleanse your mouth from harmful elements such as bacteria or acids in order to keep it fresh and free from potential decay.

100% Guilt-Free and Zero Carb

Made and packaged in the USA, Elementa Dental Mints are high quality Xylitol mints. Xylitol is a natural sweetener that has 0 glycemic effects on your body. Freshen your breath, neutralize oral acid, and soothe dry mouth with these guilt-free, zero carb mints for dental care


The benefits of these sugar-free mints for advanced dental care are:

  • Keeps breath fresh and ready at any time
  • Neutralizes oral acid and maintains oral pH balance at alkaline levels
  • Easy to use and highly effective for dental cleaning
  • Soothe dry mouth
  • Reduces the risk of negative effects on teeth and gums


Use when needed. Keep your smile confident and lively with Elementa Dental Mints and our other dental solutions!