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Natural and Vegan Dental Care with Elementa

image of a wet honey sweet flavored bottle of mouth rinse on leaves

Taking care of your body includes considering every part—from the ends of your hair to the tips of your toes. One very important part of taking care of your body is your mouth—especially your teeth. If you are someone who has chosen to care for the environment and their body by living a vegan lifestyle, you may also want to ensure that the products you are using to care for your teeth and mouth are vegan as well.

You may not have realized it, but vegan dental products like vegan toothpaste and vegan mouthwash can not only benefit your mouth, teeth, and gums in a variety of ways, they can also make a greater positive impact on your overall health and wellbeing. Choosing vegan hygiene products also shows your care for the environment and the impact you have on it.

Read on to learn more about vegan toothpaste, what it is, why it will benefit you to use it, and why vegan oral care is definitely the way to go when it comes to caring for your mouth with our products from Elementa Silver. 


What Makes Dental Products Natural and Vegan

When you think about the products you use in your oral care routine, you may be thinking: vegan dental products? Aren’t all the products I put in my mouth to care for it vegan? But the actual answer is: no. Many products people use to manage their oral care routine are not certified animal-free products.

While most oral healthcare products do not contain obvious “meat” products, they do contain ingredients that have been derived from animal products, including glycerol (derived from animal products), flavorings that have been made with animal products, propolis (which is made from products created by bees), and even colorings which are created using products from animals.

While some products may be vegan, their creation may have, in some way, damaged animals. Many companies test their toothpaste or oral care products on animals. These tests can damage the animals’ teeth and lower their quality of life, and thus, these products are directly connected to cruelty towards animals. Most mainstream dental brands are non-vegan by necessity, as many countries around the world require animal testing. Elementa, on the other hand, remains completely cruelty free and vegan. If you’re looking for a vegan toothpaste or cruelty-free toothpaste, it can help to turn to the Internet first to make sure the company that makes your toothpaste doesn’t do their testing on animals.


The Harmful Effects of Non-Vegan Oral Care

As mentioned above, non-vegan oral care often includes the testing of human beings and doesn’t align with the values of someone who lives a plant-based and hygiene products on animals. This is a step that incorporates the suffering of living animal-free diet and lifestyle.

However, people who choose to eat meat and use oral care products that have animal products in them often have teeth that are not as healthy as vegans’.

A study done by German researchers showed that vegetarians and vegans have much healthier gums than those who choose to consume meat products. Those who use vegan toothpaste and other vegan products (and eat a plant-based diet) tend to suffer from fewer bleeding gums, less tooth loss, and in turn, fewer dangerous health-related conditions connected to bad oral health.


Elementa Provides Natural and Vegan Dental Solutions

If you care about eliminating cruelty to animals, want to make sure you are using the healthiest vegan toothpaste and vegan hygiene products possible, and you want to avoid using anything animal-based to care for your mouth, develop your oral care routine around the healthy vegan products by Elementa Silver. Elementa Silver has created a slew of vegan products beyond toothpaste, including a natural vegan, Non-toxic mouthwash (for kids and for adults). This all-natural mouth rinse helps to prevent gum disease and tooth decay. We also make a nano silver-based tooth gel, which will help protect your mouth from bacteria and disease, while also being gentle with your teeth and gums.

Elementa Silver has chosen to use nano silver as the basis for our all-natural, animal-free oral healthcare products because it is made with plant compounds and composed of nanoparticles that are consistently sized and smaller in size than those in popular, traditional colloidal silver products. While the product sounds like it would be silver in appearance, oral products with nano silver have a slight golden or honey tone—and their color matters, because the right colors indicate that the nano silver particles are the right type of silver and the right size (absorbing light in a way that makes it appear golden-yellow).

By choosing to use nano silver on your teeth, not only are you choosing plant-based products for your oral care, you’re also picking an oral hygiene product that neutralizes acid in your mouth, kills bacteria, and is better at penetrating the biofilm that coats your teeth than any other non-natural mouth rinse.

When you choose to use the products from Elementa Silver to take care of your mouth, you’re showing a commitment to the earth and its beings by protesting animal cruelty; to your teeth, because you are choosing a powerful but healthy way to affect your oral wellness; and yourself, because you have picked an oral hygiene tool that aligns with both your values and your desire to be healthy.