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How to Treat Sensitive Teeth in under $20

There is nothing people love more than a cheap fix. I mean is there anything better? Unfortunately majority of the time cheap fixes are terribly ineffective and just a waste of time. But not today. Sometimes inexpensive and effective is a match made in heaven AND just as successful as dropping some time and money at the doctors or dentists office. Cheap fixes can be just the gift you need when dealing with sensitive teeth. So Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday because we’ve got a gift for you.

Salt Water Rinse

Oftentimes this is seen as a treatment for a sore throat but it can also help with sensitive teeth. All you need is some salt and a glass of water and you are set to go. Salt is effective in this treatment because it is an antiseptic and can reduce inflammation. Just add salt to some lukewarm water, gargle the solution in your mouth for 30 seconds and then spit it out. Doing this twice a day will help with sensitive teeth.

Honey and Water

Another water mixture that is worth trying is honey and water. Honey works magic because it is an antibacterial agent. Rinsing your mouth with warm water and a good dose of honey will help begin to heal your mouth and reduce the pain that comes along with sensitive teeth.

Green Tea

Green tea has many health benefits so we weren’t surprised to see that it made the quick fix sensitive teeth list. Using unsweetened green tea as a mouthwash two times a day can help strengthen your teeth and reduce inflammation. I’ll drink to that.

Vanilla extract

I was a little surprised by this one but vanilla extract is known to have antiseptic and pain-relieving properties. This one is not mixed with water like the suggestions above but is applied with a cotton ball or q-tip. Once the vanilla extract has been applied to a cotton ball rub it against your gums for a few minutes.