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8 Foods You Didn’t Know Cause Bad Breath

Foods You Didn’t Know Cause Bad Breath – Sometimes it feels like people struggle to agree on absolutely anything but there is one thing no one can deny. Nobody likes bad breath. Here are the eight unsuspecting foods to avoid when you’re looking to impress someone at the work Christmas party or out with friends.


Milk and Cheese

Although milk and cheese are healthy food items that build strong bones and provide good calcium and protein for the body, they are not your friend when it comes to having fresh smelling breath. This is because bacteria breaks down the amino acids found in dairy and releases smelly compounds when you exhale.

Coffee and Alcohol

Coffee causes bad breath because it makes your mouth dry. When your mouth isn’t producing saliva it tends to give off more of a smell. Likewise, alcohol makes your mouth dry which allows for bacteria to exist without being washed away by saliva.

Tuna and Fish

It may not come as a surprise for most people that tuna and fish made the list but do you understand why tuna and fish make your breath smell? How the fish or tuna is stored actually intensifies the foul smell that we are all too familiar with. When fish, especially tuna is stored in dark metallic cans it speeds up oxidation making the smell even worse.

Onions and Garlic

No surprise there from Green Leaf Business Solutions. Both contain sulfuric compounds that get absorbed into your bloodstream and return to make your breath smell bad. In fact, garlic can actually emit that smell from your pores.

Now don’t sweat it just yet. You don’t have to stop eating all of your favorite things. Just remember that if you’re stuck without a toothbrush handy, try drinking some water or chewing some sugar free gum to help alleviate bad breath.