Nano Silver Adult Mouth Rinse 20z

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• Dentist Formulated
• Neutralizes Oral Acid
• Kills Bad Breath
• Soothes Dry mouth
• Whitens Teeth
• Non-Burning
• Fluoride Free
• Alcohol Free
• BFP NanoTech
• UPC – 811525030591

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Our teeth need help. Every day they are under a constant barrage of acid that’s released by a resilient group of bacteria that form a film over the entire surface of your teeth (this is called the biofilm AKA plaque). This plaque barrier keeps the acid in while keeping, desperately needed, calcium out. The worst part is that traditional products cannot penetrate this barrier, they merely burn your mouth and surface level bacteria. It’s no wonder why 92% of Americans suffer from some form of tooth decay despite the huge array of oral care products on the market.

Our Dentist Formulated mouth rinse utilizes cutting edge Nano Silver technology to bust through your plaque barrier, neutralize oral acid, and deliver needed calcium and Xylitol directly to your teeth. These patent pending Nano Silver particles also target bacteria that emit sulfur gas and cause bad breath. Xylitol improves salivary flow and relieves dry mouth symptoms. All this without the strong, scorching feeling we experience by competitor brands.

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Weight 20 oz

Cinnamon Clove, Honey Sweet, Peppermint, Wintermint