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What is bad breath

What is Bad Breath?

Have you ever wondered why you wake up with bad breath in the morning even though you didn’t eat anything stinky the night before? It seems to be one of those things that people never take the time to find the answer to because a temporary fix of mouth-scolding rinse is 10 feet away in the bathroom. But don’t let the bold ads and painful solutions fool you, they only temporarily mask the problem by hacking at the branches of the issue and never attacking the root cause, sulphur gas.

Sulphur is a gas that most people associate with geysers or hot springs that smell a little like rotten eggs. Unfortunately for us, our mouths are like mini-Old Faithfuls that are eager to singe the hair off of your significant others face. Existing competitor brands focus on trying to kill the bacteria that causes bad breath but unfortunately, they never get them all which means your breath can still be terrible just after rinsing.

Elementa Silvers BFP NanoTechnology allows for tiny bits of actual silver to cling onto sulphur causing germs and block them from emitting odorous gas. This puts an immediate end to bad breath after rinsing with our product. Available in three refreshing flavors: Wintermint, Honey Sweet, and Cinnamon Clove.