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Ever wonder why your smile isn’t as bright as others, despite the fact that you’re doing everything “right”? The truth is, it’s not your fault! Often times, when you ask someone what causes oral issues, you’ll hear:

Not brushing
Not flossing enough

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Cavities and a vast array of other oral issues are caused by acid that is released when the germs in your mouth consume sugar, as heralded by Dr. Craig Callister, Dr. Matt Callister, Dr. Michael Nolan, and Dr, Ryan Nolan—researchers who are among the nation’s leading scientists on studying cutting edge preventative oral care.

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According to this team of dental experts, acid is released directly on your tooth by germs that live behind your plaque. This means your teeth are being eroded behind the plaque barrier, and it can take up to 2 hours for your saliva to break in and neutralize the acid. Unfortunately, some people just naturally have a more acidic oral environment than others, making their teeth more susceptible to cavities, periodontal disease, and other ailments, no matter how much they brush, floss, or avoid sugar.

The Problem with Traditional Products

It’s common to think we can solve oral issues by cutting sugar from our diet and hitting the germ-killing mouthwash, but there are two issues behind that logic. First, like most people, our resolution to change our diet will likely be quickly abandoned. Only 8% of people who set diet goals, stick to them (Forbes –

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New Technology Taking the Dental World by Storm

Fortunately, dental scientists have found the solution through products that can immediately begin neutralizing the acid currently doing damage to your teeth. These products use nanoparticles of silver that open up channels in your plaque barrier. Through these channels, calcium and xylitol can be delivered directly to your teeth. Thousands of patients have begun reducing and even reversing their oral problems using this cutting edge science.


Now, for the first time ever, Dr. Matt Callister of Mountain View Dental has created a short video where he explains everything about the real secret behind protecting your smile, including how people can naturally address oral issues through nanosilver technology.


The video is completely free to watch. Watch and see the difference, just like many viewers whose oral issues have now improved thanks to the use of nanosilver particles.

Dentists agree that if your mouth has higher quality saliva, an alkaline PH, and plenty of calcium, your risk factors for oral health issues can be severely reduced. Patent-pending nanotechnology, combined with the power of xylitol can help to get calcium through the plaque to ensure more of it reaches where it’s needed: your teeth!


“It’s a dentist’s secret that’s alcohol-free, doesn’t have fluoride, and has xylitol,” Dr. Joyce Kahng, an Orange County, CA cosmetic dentist, said. She positively reviewed nanosilver oral care products in contrast to multiple best selling products on the market.

About the Dentists Behind the Science

Elementa Silver Team

Every single day we as dentists assist multiple patients who, despite their best efforts, cannot brush, floss and rinse enough to prevent their chronic cavities. This was hard for us because we legitimately want to help our patients. But when there was nothing on the market that would help their problems, it was defeating. Out of frustration, we came together as a team to create an actual solution to oral issues not being addressed at all by current products on the market (low pH levels, unhealthy biofilm, hard to kill bacteria).




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