Natural Pet Dental & Immune Support Drops (Large - 4 oz)

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• Dentist Formulated.

• Kills Bad Breath.

• Kills Bad Bacteria.

• Neutralizes Oral Acid.

• Easy To Feed.

• Colloidal Nanosilver.

• 30 Day Supply.

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  • NATURALLY ELIMINATE BACTERIA THAT CAUSE BAD BREATH – Fix your pets’ bad breath with cutting edge nanotechnology! Our BFP NanoTech is designed to target bacteria that emit sulfur gas (bad breath) all by using plant-based nanosilver. By eliminating the bacteria, you fix the problem at the core instead of masking it with mint scents that your pet doesn’t appreciate!
  • PROMOTE IMMUNE & DENTAL HEALTH – Did you know that about 75% of Dogs and Cats suffer from some form of oral disease by the time they are 3 years old? On top of that multiple studies have found that the health of the body is very often tied to the health of our mouths! It’s time we do more to help our pets live healthy and happy lives! Silver has been used for centuries as a natural antibacterial that’s safe to consume. Our BFP NanoTech is a patent-pending technology that uses a plant-based colloidal nanosilver to kill bad bacteria and create an environment for healthy bacteria to gain the advantage in your pet’s mouth & body, promoting a stronger immune system.
  • EASY TO FEED – Simply add drops to the water bowl every other day. Because our colloidal nanosilver solution is tasteless and odorless, your pet will not fuss during use! Mint may smell good to humans but to dogs, who have 1,000 times the sense of smell than we have, mint and other perfume scents can be repulsive. Our odorless and flavorless solution leads to a happier pet and fewer headaches for owners.
  • WATER BOWL TREATMENT – Colloidal nanosilver is a natural antibacterial which means regular use will keep bacteria levels to a minimum in the bowl that your pet uses every single day. Dirty water bowls can be a major gateway for disease and other health issues.
  • NEUTRALIZE ORAL ACID – Oral acid/low pH levels are strongly tied to cavities and a slew of other oral/health issues. Not only is our product a natural antibacterial but it also neutralizes oral acid. By resetting the pH in the mouth, it gives the good bacteria the advantage in the oral environment making it much harder for bad bacteria to flourish and develop into disease.
  • DENTIST FORMULATED – Unlike most of the competitor products, our pet dental drops were created by actual dentists. This was not created by a jack of all trades that don’t focus on teeth and the oral environment for a living. Trust the experts.
  • 30 DAY SUPPLY – Though this bottle may seem small, if used as directed, each bottle will last an entire month. This makes it a cost-effective solution to support your pets immune and dental health all year round.


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