Natural Pet Dental & Immune Support Drops (Large - 4 oz)

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• Dentist Formulated.

• Kills Bad Breath.

• Kills Bad Bacteria.

• Neutralizes Oral Acid.

• Easy To Feed.

• Colloidal Nanosilver.

• 30 Day Supply.

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Pet Dental Care Is A Key To Overall Pet’s Health

Natural Pet Dental; Immune Support Drops is a dentist formulated oral solution optimized to deliver the best possible oral hygiene for your pets. We utilize a patent-pending, cutting edge, Nano-Silver technology that’s designed to penetrate plaque, ensuring that your pet’s mouth smells as fresh as it is clean.

By delivering natural anti-bacterial colloidal nanosilver solution directly to your pet’s mouth, our cat and dog breath drops eliminate harmful bacteria that cause bad breath as well as neutralizes oral acid. As it resets the pH in your pet’s mouth, it gives the good bacteria the advantage in the oral environment, making it much harder for bad bacteria to flourish and develop into disease.
Plus, it is tasteless and odorless to give your pets minimal agitation. It’s the all-in-one solution for total pet dental care!


  • Net amount: 4 fl. oz
  • Suitable for: Dogs and cats


Made and packaged in the USA, Natural Pet Dental; Immune Support Drops are made with Nano Silver and Reverse Osmosis Water, all of which come together to provide the perfect no-frills solution that’s bereft of unnecessary fad additions for your pet’s oral hygiene.


Keeps your pet’s breath fresh any time
Neutralizes oral acid and eliminates bad-breath causing bacteria

Prevents oral disease and helps your pets live happy and healthy lives
Flavorless and odorless for no-fuss


Add 8 droppers to 16oz of water every other day

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