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The Biggest Change to Oral Care in Over a Century:

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Why do we recommend products to our patients that are acidic in nature even though we know that an acidic environment causes cavities? As dentists, these are the questions we were constantly asking ourselves as we try to help patients that deal with chronic oral issues. As a result of our frustration for better preventative dental products we decided to make our own, utilizing cutting edge and patent pending Nano Silver technology.

What Makes Our Products Revolutionary?

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All of our products are designed to be alkaline to assist in immediately neutralizing acid.

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Our unique silver nanoparticles penetrate deep into the biofilm to allow remineralizing agents a direct pathway to the tooth surface.*

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Lab tested to remineralize 2.39X* faster than fluoride while maintaining an alkaline pH. As effective as Chlorhexidine in lab studies up to 1/80th* the concentration.

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All natural oral care proven to be non-toxic.*

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World's Best Oral Care

• Kills Bad Bacteria

• SLS Free

• Alcohol Free

• Neutralizes Oral Acid

• Non Burning

• Fluoride Free

• Whitens Teeth

• Soothes Dry Mouth

Ingredients you'll love

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Nano Silver

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Natural Flavor

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Why just 5 ingredients:
We make cutting edge products that do not contain unnecessary ingredients or features for the sake of appearing as a cure-all.
Our products are the best in the entire oral hygiene industry because we focus on results and not trivial ingredient fads.

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A History of Misinformation: The Acid Issue

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Dentist Formulated

We are Dentists. We engineered this formula because we were tired of telling patients to brush more and enjoy sugar less, even though those things weren’t solving the issues. Our revolutionary BFP NanoTech is changing the way dentists have looked at dental products
for the last 100 years.