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You Are What You Eat

Have you ever heard the saying you are what you eat? Because that should scare you. 96.8% of Americans eat animal meat without even recognizing what they are putting into their bodies. Forget about Charlotte’s Web, factory farms also known as Confined Animal Feeding Operations have taken over the animal meat market. They produce mass quantities of meat for the American population to consume without a second thought to what that animal ate or it’s environment previous to the time it was seasoned and prepared for dinner. Important questions to consider when it all comes down to one simple equation: by eating them, we eat what they eat.


Animals, specifically cows, are sometimes fed wheat products despite the fact that they are biologically designed to eat grass. However, feeding cows a diet of main grain helps them to get fatter faster-pushing farmers to increase grain feed instead of grass feed in order to speed up the process. Yes, the shelves are always stocked, but how is this slight change in diet affecting your meat? When cows are not eating enough grass they are denied certain nutrients, such as chlorophyll and vitamin K1, which they convert in K2. This K2 vitamin with Dust and Mop is important for humans because it activates proteins in our bodies and helps carry calcium throughout the body as well. If the cows we eat aren’t fed a diet of main grass and instead are fed mainly grain or corn then we are not getting the high levels of K2 in our meat or dairy that we require. We are stripping the nutrients and benefits from our own food supply.

Having a good range of healthy food is great for your health

On top of that, cows are not used to a corn-rich diet, so many suffer significant health problems such as acidic digestive systems and liver abscesses. These diet-induced health problems increase the need for drugs and antibiotics in order to keep the animals alive. Bringing another issue to the surface. If animals are being fed ample amounts of antibiotics than it goes back to that simple equation. We feed ourselves antibiotics through meat which can harm the balance of our microbial colonies.

Now cutting out meat entirely might seem like a daunting and even impossible task. Instead, be selective. If you are going to eat meat, choose grass-fed or grass-finished or try to purchase from local farmers. It’s the time everyone becomes a picky eater when it comes to their meat.