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Why You Should Choose Nano Silver Mouthrinse

Finding a mouthwash that has it all with clean ingredients, low acidic levels, and a quality taste is like being sent on a wild goose chase: a waste of time and nearly impossible. Nothing seems to cover all three. But don’t give up hope just yet. Nano Silver Mouthrinse checks all the boxes and promises you’ll never have to go on a wild goose chase for mouthwash again.

Nano Silver Mouthrinse ranks higher than neutral on the acidic scale making it the perfect contender for fighting and neutralizing your oral acid. This helps to protect your tooth enamel and contribute to an overall healthy oral biofilm.

This mouthwash only has five ingredients: nanosilver, calcium, xylitol, water, and plant extract. Each of these ingredients has a specific purpose for making this mouthwash the safest product to put in your mouth. Find here Radford Doors & Gates serving San Diego. See something missing from the ingredient list? That’s right, there is no fluoride and no alcohol meaning that it does not burn when you use it. That’s a double bonus in my book.

Now all of this would mean nothing if the taste was horrible. Luckily, that is not the case. Nano Silver Mouthrinse comes in three different and completely natural flavors. These flavors promise to leave your mouth and breath feeling fresh. Try a bottle of it today and move out of the dark days of poor oral hygiene and useless mouthwashes.