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The Story behind Generation 3 Nano Silver

The thing about Nano Silver is that it doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, we are giving you all the answers right here, right now.


It all starts with Generation 0. Silver Salts or Ionic Silver. For a long time, silver salts were used for anti-microbial purposes. However, the list of negatives for Generation 0 is lengthy: it’s unstable, it’s toxic, and it’s less effective in penetrating the biofilm. Also, if you continually inject yourself with a really high dose of ionic silver it can turn your skin blue. So, unless you want the appearance of a smurf, I would keep my distance or at least encourage monitored moderation.


Then came Generation 1: Colloidal silver. A lot of times people get confused with colloidal silver and our Nano Silver. But they are different. Colloidal silver particles are typically 100 Nanometers but are really inconsistent in size. This is because they are created through pumping electricity through a wire and then collecting the ionic silver that comes off. In all honesty, it’s not that much better than silver salt in our opinion. In fact, if you inject a large quantity of colloidal silver that will definitely turn you blue as well. But again, you’d have to inject a very large quantity.


Next is Generation 2. This is chemically engineered, Nano Silver. Not quite to the point where we want to use it but it’s getting there. This generation fixed a couple of issues that Generation 1 had. Visit It was more consistent in size, but it had some toxicity issues, so it was not biocompatible, and it was not stable. This was definitely not ideal especially if human consumption was involved. We were starting to find some great and unique properties there but still, particles that are not biocompatible and not stable are hard to work with.


Finally, we are here with Generation 3. The generation we use in Elementa Nano Silver Mouthrinse. It is a plant-based Nano Silver. One of the key differences between generation 3 and generation 2 is that we coat the actual particles with a plant-based compound. This makes the Nano Silver biocompatible and not a bioaccumulate. And if you are still worried about being blue, the key phrase to focus on here is “not a bioaccumulate.” This means it does not deposit on the skin and will not turn you blue.