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Sugar Doesn’t Cause Cavities – So What Does?

A History of Misinformation

What you’ve been taught, your whole life, is all a lie. Well… sort of. Often times, when you ask someone what causes cavities, you’ll hear: sugar, not brushing, or not flossing enough. While all of those things are contributing factors, they’re not actually what causes tooth decay.

Cavities are caused by acid that is released when the germs in your mouth consume sugar. Because these germs live in your plaque that acid is released directly on your tooth, behind the natural barrier that is your plaque. This means your tooth is being eroded, behind a wall, and it can take up to 2 hours for your saliva to break in and neutralize the acid! On top of that, some people just naturally have a more acidic environment than others making their teeth more susceptible cavities, no matter how much they brush, floss, or avoid sugar.

Some people just naturally have a more acidic environment than others.

Ok, this may all sound like semantics: sugar + germs = acid. Acid + tooth = cavities; you get it. You’re probably thinking, “fine I’ll just try to cut out more sugar from my diet and hit the germ-killing mouthwash”, which is great but there are issues with that logic. First problem is that, like most people, your resolution to change you diet will likely be quickly abandoned. Only 8% people who set diet goals, stick to them (Forbes –

The other issue is that, when using traditional cleaning methods, you’re literally fighting acid with… acid. Tooth decay is known to occur at PH levels as high as a 6.5 PH reading. Check out the below chart to see where your mouth rinse lands on the PH scale (remember, the higher the PH, the better). Is it any wonder why some people, who do everything they’re supposed to do (brush, floss, swish, and lay back on the sugar), still get cavities? It’s like trying to put out dumpster fire… with more fire.

See where your current product lands on the pH scale

So now you’re wondering “what’s so great about your product that makes it so much better than everything else”. Simple, it’s dentist-formulated science.

First – our product immediately begins neutralizing the acid currently doing damage to your teeth.

Second- Our nanosilver particles, opens up channels in your plaque barrier.

Third- Through these channels the calcium

So to break it down, it neutralizes acid, targets bad germs, and supports the rebuilding of your teeth; all without the nerve-searing feeling that competitor products provide.