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Oral Health 101: What is the Biofilm?

The oral biofilm is made up of self-produced groups of bacteria that live and die by the food that you eat every day. And yet with so much control over our oral biofilm, we don’t realize when it’s completely out of control. Oral bacteria are infectious in nature and running rampant with the ability to initiate disease processes. In this case, ignorance about your oral biofilm is definitely not bliss, it’s dangerous.  

It’s important to have a balanced oral biofilm because it contributes to your oral health and as well as your overall health. In your oral health, tooth decay occurs when your oral biofilm is out of balance and instead leans towards an acidic environment. Acid production changes the environment of the biofilm and is either neutralized by your saliva or does permanent damage to your tooth enamel over a long period of time. In addition, oral health has been linked to cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and is currently being tied to problems with pregnancy, premature birth and low weight births. Check out this article to understand how oral health affects overall health.

Understanding your oral biofilm is important because whether you like it or not you have a lot of control over it. Man was not made to live by processed sugar alone no matter how tempting it might seem. Diversifying your food results in a diversified biofilm. Break out the fruits, vegetables, meat and everything in between. (And maybe just a couple of those enticing sweets every now and then too.)

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