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Oral Health 101: Tooth Decay Process

Ignorance may seem like bliss but it’s definitely not when it comes to your oral health. Being aware of what is happening to your teeth can help prevent undoable damage such as tooth decay. With limited information, people sometimes believe that tooth decay is a road you can’t turn back from. Luckily that is not always the case. If you are aware of the process, then you know when you can catch it and even reverse it.


Yes, you heard me right, you can actually reverse the process and stop a cavity from forming. But you have to know what you are looking for. Tooth decay happens when certain bacteria in your mouth use sugar to make acid which ultimately causes the cavity. Simply stated: acid causes tooth decay.


When your teeth are constantly being exposed to acid, this acid starts to wear away at your enamel. In the beginning, you may see white spots on your teeth because minerals on the outside of the tooth have been worn away. Visit At this point in the process, it can still be reversed. The enamel can repair itself using other available minerals from saliva or fluoride. However, if the enamel is not restored then it will become weaker until it is completely destroyed, and a cavity is formed. Once a cavity is formed, the damage is permanent and needs to be taken care of by a dentist.