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Oral Health 101: Cavities

We brush our teeth religiously hoping we never get the cavities our dentists warn us about, but do we actually know what a cavity is and how it happens?


Simply stated, a cavity forms when a tooth decays and breaks down thus forming a hole in your tooth.

 If it is not caught in time, that hole will continue to grow deeper into your tooth until it hits a nerve ending. This can cause some serious pain so it’s better to be on guard and catch one early.

Cavities are caused by the plaque on the outside of your teeth. How is that plaque made? Most of you were probably told that eating too much candy or sugar would cause your teeth to rot.


Well, it’s not actually the sugar that causes cavities. It’s acid.

The plaque in your mouth is made up of bacteria that produce acid when it breaks down sugar. In the beginning, this acid eats away at the enamel on the outside of your teeth. Although the enamel is supposed to be the outer protective layer, if the acid continues to eat away at it then it can punch through the enamel and create a cavity.


Although the majority of the time cavities can easily be repaired thanks to the handy work of a dentist they can also be easily prevented. Brushing your teeth, using mouthwash and flossing are three hygienic ways to keep your teeth healthy and bacteria acid at bay. But you can also prevent cavities by eating foods that contribute to weakening your teeth in moderation.


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