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How to Protect Tooth Enamel

Understanding how to protect your tooth enamel can seem daunting and almost impossible with the food that we choose to eat today. Luckily there are two simple ways that you can protect your tooth enamel everyday. The best part is that you are probably already doing them! Firstly, choose the food you eat wisely. Secondly, actively participate in your personal dental care.

The first place influenced by the food you eat, is the first place you put it. Your mouth. Certain foods such as sodas, candies and breads can stick to your teeth and wear away at your tooth enamel. The best way to protect your teeth is to be informed. Protection through prevention. Be aware of the food you eat. You should find a balance between foods that strengthen your tooth enamel like those high in Calcium and the foods that damage your tooth enamel like those high in sugar. Life is all about balance, doesn’t it make sense that your mouth is too?

Next, take care of your teeth. It’s simple. Brush regularly. Floss regularly. Go to the dentist regularly. These are all steps you can take to protect your tooth enamel and to prevent your teeth from eroding even more. Again, be informed. Visit your dentist regularly and make your own dental care a priority. Your mouth is a gateway to other aspects of your health because if your mouth suffers then the rest of your body will suffer. Take care of your first line of defense.