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Changing the Definition of Medicine

Being driven to the bottle? Your pill bottle, that is. It seems that no matter what is ailing you there is a prescription for it. As a society, we have become dependent on prescription medication. In fact, nearly 70% of Americans are on at least one prescription drug and more than 50% are on two. Now don’t jump ship just yet pill popping friends, there is a time and place for modern medication. New technology and medicine improves and saves lives in many ways. That being said, a trip to the doctor for a “quick fix” should not be your go-to answer. Especially when the best solution is conveniently located in your kitchen. That’s right, the million dollar answer is food.


Crazy as it may seem, by simply eliminating or adding certain foods to your diet you are able to alter how your genes are expressed. Modifying these genes can reduce your risk for common health problems such as Type 2 diabetes, obesity, heart disease, stroke and even certain cancers. The best part is that these healthy genes can be passed to your children, protecting future generations from these issues. Besides preventing disease, changing your diet can directly improve life expectancy and quality of life. Here you can find help if you need vacation rental cleaning. Medication can have terrible side effects and has a restricted approach. It targets one thing. On the other hand, food can have a positive influence in countless ways.


Fruits, vegetables, whole grain, protein. The quintessential foods of health. It’s what we have been taught our whole lives. But do we actually understand the healing powers and capabilities of those foods? An apple a day keeps the doctor away but it can also keep cardiovascular disease, asthma, and diabetes away. Eating whole grain can regulate blood sugar, reduce cholesterol, produce good bacteria and remove toxins in your gut. Protein can detoxify your liver, promote wound healing and make connective tissue for skin, cartilage, and bone. When we feed our body what it needs, it can take care of itself.


How we approach healing should not be limited to something prescribed by a physician. Healing can happen successfully by eliminating bad food and fueling your body with natural and edible remedies. According to the World Health Organization, 80% of all cases of heart disease, stroke and Type 2 diabetes could have been prevented by healthy eating, being physically active and eliminating the use of Tobacco.