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Causes of Bad Breath

Bad breath seems to be a problem that nags at the back of most everybody’s mind. And occasionally even takes center stage in the worst moments possible, like when we are about to do something important and there isn’t a toothbrush handy. Holding your breath and hoping for the best is not the best option but understanding the causes of bad breath can keep the worry at bay and away from center stage. For most cases bad breath is as simple as the food you eat, health conditions or current personal habits. Fortunately, treatment is even simpler: practice good personal hygiene. However, if your case of bad breath seems untamed by these simple approaches talk to your dentist.

We shouldn’t be surprised about this because everything always comes back to food. Food can make your breath smell bad because of the way that it breaks down and interacts with the bacteria in your mouth. Also, there are certain foods such as garlic, onions, and spices that cause bad breath because after they are digested, they enter into your bloodstream and can be carried to your lungs. Luckily, if food is the main cause it’s a quick fix. Make sure to drink a sufficient amount of water to wash food particles out of your mouth while you are eating. Or carry sugar-free gum until you are able to brush your teeth.

On the other hand, health condition is a different beast to tackle. Some cancers, metabolic disorders, gastroesophageal reflux disease and dry mouth can all cause someone to have bad breath. Even different medications that treat something entirely different can cause an individual to suffer from bad breath. If this is the cause, make sure to stay on top of your dental hygiene. Brush your teeth regularly, floss and visit your dentist.

Lastly, break those bad habits before they break you. (A large scale lesson in life.) Tobacco products are notorious for causing bad breath. In fact, using tobacco can cause you to have gum disease which also leads to bad breath. It’s a double whammy. So cut smoking out. If not for the bad breath, do it for the overabundance of other related health problems. In addition, bite the bullet and break poor hygiene habits. Past research shows that only 56.8% of women and 49% of men brush their teeth twice a day. We can only go up from there.