Are There Pros to Probiotics?

Everyone seems to be popping probiotics with the intentions of healing their gut, their mouth and everything in between. It’s manna from heaven. Wait, we are getting ahead of ourselves. What are the real health benefits of taking a probiotic? Just to set the stage, probiotics are live microorganisms that are suppose to help increase the good and beneficial microorganisms that naturally exist in our bodies. They can be taken as dietary supplements or through everyday food items.

At first glance, thinking about taking a supplement full of those useful little buggers might be a tough pill to swallow. We are a germaphobic society and have been taught to aim for a 99.9% bacteria free zone. Shout out to my hand sanitizing enthusiasts! Despite this “all bugs must die” mentality, there are certain microorganisms that we cannot live without. In fact, we have a very symbiotic relationship with many different types of bacteria including certain strains of Lactobacillus which helps us digest food.

Probiotics can help you stay healthy at all times

We need to keep the advantageous microorganisms alive and taking a probiotic can help. Current research shows that probiotics can assist in improving irritable bowel syndrome and preventing diarrhea caused by infections and antibiotics. Antibiotics are trained to kill all bacteria: the good, the bad and the ugly. Killing the bad and the ugly is what we need them to do in order to keep us alive and healthy. However, when they kill the good bacteria as well our body suffers. By taking probiotics we can replenish the good microorganisms that our bodies need to function properly.

Despite the currently proven health benefits, you should do your research before running to your nearest drug store. It is important to remember that unlike all men, not all probiotics are created equal. For example, one strain of bacteria might fight against organisms that cause cavities but a completely different strain might help digest and process food. If you decide to take a supplement it is important to recognize which microorganism is in the supplement and how it might interact with the current needs of your body. A lot of research has been done about probiotics, but there is still a lot that we do not know and understand about the possible benefits and side effects. If taking a supplement doesn’t seem to agree with you, it is easy to find probiotics in everyday food like yogurt and most fruits and vegetables.

Changing the Definition of Medicine

Being driven to the bottle? Your pill bottle, that is. It seems that no matter what is ailing you there is a prescription for it. As a society, we have become dependent on prescription medication. In fact, nearly 70% of Americans are on at least one prescription drug and more than 50% are on two. Now don’t jump ship just yet pill popping friends, there is a time and place for modern medication. New technology and medicine improves and saves lives in many ways. That being said, a trip to the doctor for a “quick fix” should not be your go-to answer. Especially when the best solution is conveniently located in your kitchen. That’s right, the million dollar answer is food.

Crazy as it may seem, by simply eliminating or adding certain foods to your diet you are able to alter how your genes are expressed. Modifying these genes can reduce your risk for common health problems such as Type 2 diabetes, obesity, heart disease, stroke and even certain cancers. The best part is that these healthy genes can be passed to your children, protecting future generations from these issues. Besides preventing disease, changing your diet can directly improve life expectancy and quality of life. Medication can have terrible side effects and has a restricted approach. It targets one thing. On the other hand, food can have a positive influence in countless ways.

Fruits, vegetables, whole grain, protein. The quintessential foods of health. It’s what we have been taught our whole lives. But do we actually understand the healing powers and capabilities of those foods? An apple a day keeps the doctor away but it can also keep cardiovascular disease, asthma, and diabetes away. Eating whole grain can regulate blood sugar, reduce cholesterol, produce good bacteria and remove toxins in your gut. Protein can detoxify your liver, promote wound healing and make connective tissue for skin, cartilage, and bone. The benefits are endless. When we feed our body what it needs, it can take care of itself.

How we approach healing should not be limited to something prescribed by a physician. Healing can happen successfully by eliminating bad food and fueling your body with natural and edible remedies. According to the World Health Organization, 80% of all cases of heart disease, stroke and Type 2 diabetes could have been prevented by healthy eating, being physically active and eliminating the use of Tobacco.

Sugar Doesn’t Cause Cavities

A History of Misinformation

What you’ve been taught, your whole life, is all a lie. Well… sort of. Often times, when you ask someone what causes cavities, you’ll hear: sugar, not brushing, or not flossing enough. While all of those things are contributing factors, they’re not actually what causes tooth decay.

Cavities are caused by acid that is released when the germs in your mouth consume sugar. Because these germs live in your plaque that acid is released directly on your tooth, behind the natural barrier that is your plaque. This means your tooth is being eroded, behind a wall, and it can take up to 2 hours for your saliva to break in and neutralize the acid! On top of that, some people just naturally have a more acidic environment than others making their teeth more susceptible cavities, no matter how much they brush, floss, or avoid sugar.

Some people just naturally have a more acidic environment than others.

Ok, this may all sound like semantics: sugar + germs = acid. Acid + tooth = cavities; you get it. You’re probably thinking, “fine I’ll just try to cut out more sugar from my diet and hit the germ-killing mouthwash”, which is great but there are issues with that logic. The first problem is that, like most people, your resolution to change your diet will likely be quickly abandoned. Only 8% of people who set diet goals, stick to them (Forbes –

The other issue is that, when using traditional cleaning methods, you’re literally fighting acid with… acid. Tooth decay is known to occur at PH levels as high as a 6.5 PH reading. Check out the below chart to see where your mouth rinse lands on the PH scale (remember, the higher the PH, the better). Is it any wonder why some people, who do everything they’re supposed to do (brush, floss, swish, and lay back on the sugar), still get cavities? It’s like trying to put out dumpster fire… with more fire.

See where your current product lands on the pH scale

So now you’re wondering “what’s so great about your product that makes it so much better than everything else”. Simple, it’s dentist-formulated science.

First – our product immediately begins neutralizing the acid currently doing damage to your teeth.

Second- Our nanosilver particles, opens up channels in your plaque barrier.

Third- Through these channels the calcium

So to break it down, it neutralizes acid, targets bad germs, and supports the rebuilding of your teeth; all without the nerve-searing feeling that competitor products provide.

What is Bad Breath?

Have you ever wondered why you wake up with bad breath in the morning even though you didn’t eat anything stinky the night before? It seems to be one of those things that people never take the time to find the answer to because a temporary fix of mouth-scolding rinse is 10 feet away in the bathroom. But don’t let the bold ads and painful solutions fool you, they only temporarily mask the problem by hacking at the branches of the issue and never attacking the root cause, sulphur gas.

Sulphur is a gas that most people associate with geysers or hot springs that smell a little like rotten eggs. Unfortunately for us, our mouths are like mini-Old Faithfuls that are eager to singe the hair off of your significant other’s face. Existing competitor brands focus on trying to kill the bacteria that cause bad breath but unfortunately, they never get them all which means your breath can still be terrible just after rinsing.

Elementa Silvers BFP NanoTechnology allows for tiny bits of actual silver to cling onto sulphur causing germs and block them from emitting odorous gas. This puts an immediate end to bad breath after rinsing with our product. Available in three refreshing flavors: Wintermint, Honey Sweet, and Cinnamon Clove.

What is Dry Mouth?

Dry mouth is caused by the mouths reduced ability to produce saliva in the mouth. This usually starts occurring at about age 35. Often times an influx of medications released into a body within a small time period can also cause the salivary glands to diminish their output. Aside from keeping your mouth wet and comfortable, saliva plays a critical role in preventing tooth decay as it neutralizes the acids that cause cavities.


If you are a victim of dry mouth, you may be wondering if there’s anything out there that can actually help. Good News! Elementas Silver Mouth Rinse not only helps to balance unhealthy PH levels in the mouth but it also contains Xylitol, an ingredient known to stimulate saliva production in the mouth. Shop our 3 refreshing flavors today and improve the feeling in your mouth!

It’s Silver…
For Your Mouth

Our dentist formulated products were carefully designed using the world’s most cutting edge and exciting nanotechnology. It’s also all-natural and not harmful if swallowed. Stop getting BURNED by brands that have antiquated and harmful formulas!

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